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November 14, 2011


Jodi Williams

I think you have your facts wrong on this one. This is actually just another case of government changing the rules on businesses after they start operating. Assessor Ruth Ross is just trying to find ways to increase taxes on businesses. The DeKalb County Commissioners agreed to the tax rate before the wind farm was built.

Now Ross is trying to increase the tax rate after the fact. Nothing could be more antibusiness or hurt job growth. What businesses would want to come to DeKalb if they know they will just get their taxes raised after they open? If Ross wins, this will be a terrible thing for businesses in Missouri.

John Smith

This whole thing smells. Carnahan gets $100 million dollars from the Obama Administration in the form of a grant and then turns around and hosts a fundraiser in September at his house on Lindell for.... You guessed it! Obama! would really like to know how much of our $100 million went back to Obama from Carnahan.

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