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July 19, 2011



lets face it, the republicans are HOT to defeat McCaskill and turn that Democratic senate seat to the elephant's home team.

She's been under attack for some time... but I think Missouri voters will think this is old news...and MISSOURIANS are the ones who elect senators!

The plane deal? snoozer. Money things? Boring. The trouble is Claire makes a lot of sense in most things. And she can say it well.

Keep digging though.


And if it were a Republican Senator in the same situation you can bet that they would be raked over the coals and have an investigative committee holding hearings and finding out how they could bring charges against them. What scam artists and hypocrits the Democrats are.

J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO.

She was an auditor? Really? Can't prove it by the way these "loose ends" keep popping up. Typical demonrat, one set of standards for her and another set for those who are of the opposition.
Bye, Claire.

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