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October 11, 2010



So let me get this correct... You guys are saying Tommy is taking all this money from "liberal" & "elitist" INDIVIDUALS and when he IS elected, he will represent the views and policies of the liberal elite and ignore the views and will of his district??? If he did this, he would be thrown out of office after 2 years... This is the craziest thing I've ever heard... Why would anyone spend all this time & effort to get elected and then completely & totally ignore his district?? Your argument just doesn't make sense.

Now Jo Ann has ignored the district that elected her… (Notice I didn’t say HER district, cause it’s not her district… she wasn’t born here and doesn’t even live here). She has served her masters very well her last several terms and it shows. Our district is the 8th poorest in the nation and we have lost over 16,000 jobs under her watch… She says she has all these ideas and plans on how to bring jobs back to the district, but I have but one question… Why hasn’t she done any of these things during her past 14 years in office??? Either it just takes her a VERY long time to get anything done, or it’s taken her 14 years to figure out a real plan to accomplish them. Either way, I don’t want someone like her representing me in D.C.

One more thing… If you guys are so sure Tommy is going to lose and is so far behind in the polls, then why are you spending so much time & money making false attacks against him???


Ain't nothin' false about the truth, Tim. By the way, where in the district do you live?

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