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March 17, 2010



Glad to see that Tommy and his self-described campaign manager, Jonathan Feifs, are 2 of the 3 confirmed attendees at what Tommy describes on his website as a "fantastic" event. In Tommy's eyes, of course, anything he does is "fantastic." If they didn't make it to their own event, only one person would have attended. Then in Tommy's absence it would not have been "fantastic". It would have been "lonely."

Franklin R. Jones

This guy is a joke. Everybody has a plan until you get hit in the mouth. This guy needs to revise his plan or that race will get ugly. With two other high profile races in MO, Ike and Rusty, attention to this race will be naught.


@Ibj: It would have been "lonely"? lol please explain to us


The lol part is easy--when a guy claims to have had 60 of his supporters at the Rolla parade, the vast majority of whom were there for Robin (as evidenced by their signs and shirts) and then claims to have ad 809 fans at a NY event with three guests confirmed (2 of whom were himself and his campaign manager) kthat is really lol and desperate. At least be truthful. As a Democrat,can't wait to hear about his great polling. lol. Its so lonely for Tommy, he has to have imaginary friends. Too bad.


Sorry, even Tommy only claimed 80 supporters at his event in the Big Apple, not 809. Truth in advertising prevails


I wonder if tear people are going to shut their mouths when Tommy wins, or if they'll just have more excuses/lies

lammee song

so he had an event in NYC, and the issue is?
at least he's not spreading lies about the competition. (as cute as that was Emerson.) What kind of person who's doing their job has time to call him gay? Really? FYI: He has a pretty serious relationship right now, with a woman, AND if he WAS gay. what does it matter?! last time i checked, which was pretty recently, this country was built on the idea of not judging people. not that that's the technical case (thank you society) but there's no reason for someone gay or not to even have that pointed out. she crossed the line. that's inappropriate. find something he's really done probably. maybe even something related to government. like how he wasn't a lobbyist. or how he taught the constitution at westpoint. no? you dont think you want to bring that up? oh, ok.


Dirty politics...sone things never change. I know Tommy Sowers and he is a good guy. This race needs to be about the issues facing us not someone's personal life. When Emerson or her people get dirty about Tommy, it says to me maybe they are sweating just a little bit.

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