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October 26, 2009


Jim Durbin

Tommy picked the wrong year to run. If you go back through his campaign site, you see he bought the domain in 2007, and it's being hosted and run by bluestatedigital, the Obama campaign's digital firm, and now a big provider for many Democrats.

If you wanted to make a clear statement that you're a tool of Democrats who were looking for a soldier to run in a red congressional district, you couldn't be more obvious.

Lewis Hall

Also according to his website, he's currently a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. This is one of the elite groups who are determined to plunge our nation even further into socialism and a "New World Order" of total globalism and loss of sovereignty and freedom.

I'm no fan of Emerson since she voted for that banker bailout last year, and a slew of other bad bills before and since, but this guy is very bad news.

If you're interested in maintaining your freedom and liberty in the 8th district, check out Bob Parker at http://www.electbobparker.com/ He'll be running against Emerson in the republican primary. He's the real deal for a Constitutional candidate.

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