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April 20, 2009


raul duke

moron it's a joke blog, a parody of you real bloggers who are self serving and self important, get a life.

Too Educated To Be Conservative

Blah blah blah "I'm a republican douche-nozzle and I feel threatened by educated people."


This is boring.


I wouldn't call it a joke blog. Tony considers himself a satirist, but he also is quick to mention when he's the first to 'break' a story.

Tony has found a niche and he seems to be good at it. It does appear that many people in KC lean to the left so I'm not surprised that Tony is targeting them.

All that being said, it would be nice if there were fewer posts on the Funk and more about the goings-on of Kansas City.


What? Soneone not lock step in the thought process of the GOP? Goodness gracious!

Grow up. Just because he does not have your point of view as dictate from your PR specialists, does not make him incapable of independent thought.

This crap the GOP has fallen back in on the last 4 months sounds like a 6 year old on the play ground crying abou tthe ball the bigger kids took from him.

Quit pointing fingers and do something besides name calling and classifying. And you wonder why people have given up on the GOP.

The above poster is correct, an educated person is your worst enemy.

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