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February 03, 2009



Boy, I sure hope you never make an embarrassing mistake like Lokeman did. If you do, I sure hope people treat you with more compassion than you've shown here.


Compassion is feeling a persons pain and helping them deal with it. Covering the circumstances of an illegal act and especially one which endangers others is part of helping her deal with a definite problem. Hiding it under the rug is enabling, which never helps stop dangerous behavior.
Driving a 3000 pound vehicle capable of moving 100 plus miles an hour while under the influence should be looked at as attempted murder.


As I said, I hope it never happens to you.


I hope it never happens to you LGT. I also hope you are not crossing the street when Rhonda is coming home from her art studio or Chuck Grahsm coming home from a bar in Columbia - Stand Up Chuck - oh God Bless Ya!!!!!!!1


What is good ol' Chuck up to now that he lost?

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