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November 03, 2008



In the tidbits we find the NUGGET.

Interesting Tidbit #2 – Kay Barnes and Wilt Chamberlain went to KU at the same time. Does anyone else wonder how many Kappa Kappa Alpha parties he went to?

As always the racist views of the Republican Socialist come to the surface. Isn’t that right Hank Williams Jr.?


This is excellent!

It's good to see a Republican candidate (Sam Graves) actually trying to win an election in this state.

Hulshof is the worst candidate to run for Governor....EVER!!


I attended a meeting yesterday where people who are fairly involved in local government or Boards and Commissions were present. Our table had a lively discussion about local ads and campaign materials. There was an interesting segment of the conversation about Kay Barnes the Farm Girl candidate. Most of these people knew her to some degree and they were all laughing at the sight of her propped on a fence post in a denim shirt. Why do these campaigns make fools of otherwise reputable people? She was high profile enough that no one would buy it.

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