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November 02, 2008



This is very interesting.


I guess what 'The Source' is trying to say is that Senator Kit Bond has been violating disclosure laws by not claiming the costs of the suite owner when he attends KC Chief football games in the owner's box and MU football games with tickets provided by the University. The University's actual costs would include the salary of the entire athletic department and costs of any scholarships provided to athletes.

Do you hear how stupid this sounds?


I wonder why The Source wouldn’t put their John Hancock to such an in-depth, hard hitting, fact breaking news story such as this one?

I wonder why The Source wouldn’t print the name of the law firm that is supplying the tickets?

I wonder why The Source didn’t give the name of the hand picked “clerk” and more details on the unlawful actions of said unnamed clerk?

I wonder why I can’t believe the story?

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