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June 27, 2008


Boatswain Mate

Does his silence not speak for itself?

Full Disclosure

I don't recall hearing Sam Graves go on the record for or against, maybe he has been too busy telling lies about China drilling for oil near Cuba 40 miles off the US coast which even his own party leaders refute!


Maybe Sam knows something the party leaders do not know about the off-shore drilling. The leadership of the Republican party is not anything to brag about. They lost the 06 election due to their lack of leadership.

Boatswain Mate

Fu, why do you always change the subject? It's about nixon, a somewhat empty suit. By the way, will it be hard for you to vote for a NIXON? On the race in Mo-6 if the former mayor of KC is the best you all can do, then get ready for another SAM GRAVES win.


I tell you where Nixon excels when it comes to leadership. In the polls. I see him leading by 20 points over the riflewoman and the suit himself.....Leadership by 20.

Good thing Blunt got everything done he set out to do...looks like the Mohela deal is working WELL!

Boatswain Mate

Wow! That's the same leadership, I seem to recall, James Earl Carter had. Yes sir, Ole Jimmy led right up until election day 1979. Speaking of suits, Nixon?

Full Disclosure

Seaman why are you always changing the subject? This story isn't about Jimmy Carter....

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