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May 21, 2008



I think the democratic party is a little different now compared to 04...This seems made up...

White guys drool

Yes, it is different compared to "04". The difference is it is torn apart by block voting based on demographics such as gender, age, and race. In "04" the white male ticket allowed all these groups to band together. The contest between Clinton and Obama blows that out of the water and shows a sub culture within the party that truly is not diverse when faced with someone specifically like them running. It proves there is a feeling of responsibility to my race or gender above all else. The white guys never stood a chance faced with block voting and that must cause them to ponder their future within the party.

can of worms

White guys drool just opened a can of worms that the democrats would rather keep closed tight. They like their diversity until minorities take over the party. You just needed the right people to run to prove that point. If the Clinton and Obama trend continue what will the white male democrats do if they become the party minority block? Don't think they are not wondering.


Look at all of the GOP minority candidates. A true rep of the country!


We all see how well the Dems react to minorities running. It divides them and causes in fighting. It was easier for you when they fell in line behind your white male candidates and you could pretend they had a home in your party.

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