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November 30, 2007


david d

And similarly, only Americans who have sworn allegiance to our Chimpresident should ever be allowed to hear him speak in public!


The funny part of all of this is that the Republicans just didn't like the questions. Their candidates stumbled when put to the test. How are we to think they can take on terrorism if they cannot take tough questions?

Jay Garner

Two great posts by david d and PeachPit. Calling our Commander and Chief a Chimp and questioning if a Republican can take on terrorism. Well thought of and intellegent comment and question. I bet the Democrat party is proud to have you on board.


If our Commander was so into fighting terrorism he would of taken the fight to the terrorists when he got into office.

George Bush ia a murderer. Plain and simple.

Jay Garner

Yes, yes we know, he is also a Nazi, a war criminal, satan, a monkey, and a chimp. What else? Is there something I left out? When are they going to impeach him? When are the Democrats going to cut off funding for the war? And if he murdered someone, I think he should be arrested and tried in a court of law.


I wonder if Peach Pit would ride in a 1968 Oldsmobile with Ted Kennedy driving over the Dike Bridge on Chapaquidick Island?


PCR, not a Kennedy fan. Not a clinton fan. Leave it up to a GOP'er to bring up old news. W is killing soldiers and muslims RIGHT NOW.

But I have to say, your humor was incredible. One for the charts. Ever thought about improv? Just a thought.

Full Disclosure

The questions shouldn't have been planted, both parties do it. So what is the big deal? The candidates researched and knew the correct answer for the planted question....At least the candidates answered the planted questions. Normally the spin to a question doesn't include an answer to anything resembling the original question asked. Why is 'The Source' so interested? Because 'The Source' is pointing out a flaw that it thinks only one party parcipates in? Or is it the only flaw 'The Source' can find with the other party?

Jay Garner

Some on the left our missing the point. First of all the GOP candidates were wrong to even agree to be subjected to CNN's venue. Second, it is not the questions that were the issue per-say, it was CNN not vetting the participants for whatever reason. Third, the hypocrasy on the left is stunning. Democrat candidates have boycotted Fox News Channel venues due to the fact that FNC is qoute "biased". So when we witnessed true bias from CNN, they defend and attack. Let's think of what would happen if it was discovered that the participants were supporting GOP candidates openly and it was not disclosed and the venue was on FNC. I submit that Democrat Senator Leahy would be crafting a suponea and launching a investigation into FNC and what they knew and when they knew it. Remember it is not the nature of the evidence it is the seriousness of the charge.


Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! A planted question.

Jesus will reign from Missouri
- Mitt Romney

Sam the Man

Get your own damn comet!

- Mitt Romney


When Cheney was campaigning here a few years ago and did his Town Hall charade EVERY question was planted by Republicans. Stop whining!

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