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December 19, 2011



Protesting is as American as you can get you fuck this is a war on ass holes that brain wash minds like yourself with an article like this you leawood piece of crap.


Bobby, Occupy shouldn't act like a bunch of whiny pussies.

Either go out there and march--permit be damned--or pay the cost for holding the march legally or sit in your tent and play with yourself. Protesting has nothing to do with deliberately being a financial drain on those of us who pay taxes in KCMO.

Perhaps if Occupy KC wasn't so mired in allegations of prostitution and drug abuse, didn't let a couple of grand in donations get stolen for weed, and didn't let dangerous sex offenders hang out at their camp, they'd be able to get people to donate enough money to cover these sorts of costs.


I put my imprints in Occupy KC 2011, as a disheartened, unemployed, educated, female who wanted to walk off some anxiety, and connect with people in my similar position, in addition raising awareness. However, continued efforts by Occupy KC have lost sight from lacking agendas.

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