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September 09, 2011



I guess by that rationale, John Kerry > George W. Bush? Jimmy Carter > Ronald Reagan?

painted undies

Too bad Rick Perry doesn't believe in science, logic and reason. Therefore Obama will make the better president.

painted undies

also, as a totally unrelated aside, goddamn you're a fucking idiot. every time you think you weaken the nation. please blow your brains out.


History will show that Obama is the worst President the US ever elected. That's saying a lot when compared to Jimmy Carter.

standing up

painted undies:

Liberals like you are what's wrong with the increasingly piss-poor attitudes in this country.

If you think using our brains for common sense right-in-front-of-our-faces solutions to our messed up country instead of trying to figure out new ways to screw our fellow citizens for the sake of the non-producers and illegals and drug addicts for some (fictional) socialist utopia, the way you do, is weakening the nation then you have a massively warped sense of history and how governments and civilizations rise and fall.

In the immortalized words of the great Dick Cheney "Go Fuck Yourself."


History will show that Barack Obama was a worse president than Warren Harding? Worse than Grant? Me thinks you might need a little historical perspective.

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