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July 14, 2008



Wasn't this paid for by taxes on rental cars and hotel rooms in the Kansas City city limits? Paid for by those that are visiting KC?

Also, please post the attendance to the College Basketball Hall of Fame.


Who are you kidding Peachpit? I rent cars here in town and even stay in hotels here for special events. We all pay and we pay extra to make up shortfalls. What about when rental car companies drive you over to out of KC locations to do the paperwork and avoid the extra fees? You may have thought you were smart during the campaign but they are smarter.


I rent in Gladstone. Marketplace economics 101.


The tax was put on rental cars and hotel rooms but that doesn't mean they will cover if there is a loss. The Star noted that tourism is down, so those taxes are not even assured of paying the basic costs. If they do not, taxpayers will ultimately eat the loss on the bonds.


You still rent cars in the Kansas City zips? You are smart! Could of saved some of that money...

Who has suite seats in the Sprint Center?


The number one payer of these fees are business travelers. With the cost of oil continuing to go up becuase of the Democratically controlled Congres to entertain the chance of increasing supply and competition and the airplane surcharges, businesses are going to weaken and travel is going to cease. Do I fly to KC from Montreal to talk about a manufacturing plant or teleconfence? Hm, even PP would realize that $500 airfare is more than a $10 call.


Yeah, it is this congress's fault that gas is expensive. It has nothing to do with the last 40 years of our gov't not anticipating one energy crisis or situation like this. We just couldn't see it coming could we?

I hope gas goes to $5.00 this summer. We've had it too easy if you ask me. Everyone wants their SUV's and Trucks, well now we get to pay for that. We want to live 30 miles outside of where we work. That is smart. If you want those freedoms, you have to pay.


sounds like marketplace economics 101, again....


Yes, Marketplace econ...I like that. I like that more than having two banks fail at their business and then we bail them out. Less gov't right?


Only in the world of the Pit would you have to pay for freedoms.

Militray Member

Hoosier how do the Democrats control the price of gas? What did the Republicans do during the six years they held both chambers of congress and the oval office to keep gas prices low? Has the President Bush ever vetoed a bill passed by congress? Who holds more control over gas prices the President, Congress, or the oil executives who happen to be buddies of the President?


Maybe you should do more reasurch before you talk crap. There are MANY events scheduled for this fall including Kansas basketball games.. Just because they arent YET on the sprintcenter.com websight doesnt mean they are not scheduld....

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